Islamabad on Friday

Just had a tootle around Islamabad to see what’s what. Basically all quiet. Difficult to reach the Red Zone as many more roads are shut than yesterday. But the view above shows the empty road outside the French Embassy. If that fills with people today then it means the police have lost. An officer told … More Islamabad on Friday

Masterchef Australia banned in Pakistan (sort of)

The following email reaches me this morning with devastating news: This is to inform you that transmission of Star World Channel has been suspended on orders of Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA). The reason for suspension is transmission of blasphemous content on the channel. Please note that the channel will remain blocked until further … More Masterchef Australia banned in Pakistan (sort of)

Important story about what Pakistani journalists are up against: QUETTA, Pakistan (AP) — The telephone call to local journalists generally comes in the late evening. The voice on the other end is harsh. He has a statement he wants printed, and he prefaces it with a terse order: “Report our messages without making any changes … More

Totally love this picture of a bomb disposal squad in action in Rawalpindi from Dawn yesterday. Now, I don’t know much about the practicalities of defusing an explosive device, and I’m sure these chaps knew what they were doing, but thankfully the box and wires in question was not a bomb.

RTE World Report

I suppose you can’t blame the judge for taking his time. Muhammad Azam Khan was handed the hottest of hot potatoes when the case of Rimsha Masih landed on his desk. The 11-year-old girl – or maybe she is 14, no-one is really sure – has been in prison for three weeks accused of blasphemy. … More RTE World Report