The Mets and me

Watching baseball involves an investment of time. Not just the three hours plus of the regular game, but an investment of months or years. It’s just like cricket in that the longer you spend on it the more you will take from it. Then there is the literature too. Fantastic. The best writing in the … More The Mets and me

The no name nation

I haven’t seen Beasts of No Nation, so I’ll reserve judgement until I have. But here’s something that will niggle. Why is the setting not named? Fictional countries are possibly even worse. So that’s a step forward. But here’s the rub…  What we see is awful, but the vagueness of the setting blunts the film’s … More The no name nation

Toyota technicals

US counter-terrorism officials have asked Toyota how it is that Isil has managed to acquire quite so many of their 4x4s, according to ABC. Have they only just noticed? Toyotas – and in particular the Hilux – have long been the vehicle of choice for rebel movements, insurgents, militants, terrorists and violent jihadists around the … More Toyota technicals