Journalism of detachment

Fascinating post by Charlie Beckett, of the LSE’s Polis think tank, on whether journalists should allow themselves to become emotionally involved in their reporting of a story. He is writing with reference to Gaza and Jon Snow’s heartfelt monologue about the issue. And I tend to agree with this point: It’s impossible to make cast-iron rules … More Journalism of detachment

Homeland does Pakistan

Thrilled to hear that Carrie is headed to Pakistan for the next season of Homeland, at least according to the trailer. Excited to find out whether her experiences here tally with mine. I imagine the opening going something like this: A phone rings. Carrie: Hello, Istanbul Station. Raymondo Davieso (senior CIA figure in Langley): Hello … More Homeland does Pakistan

Taliban: Pakistan seen as “increasingly predatory host”

If you haven’t some across the Afghanistan Analysts Network then I thoroughly recommend checking out its website. Some of the best analysis around. This piece on the deal for Bowe Bergdahl’s release is well worth reading. I found the pars on the Taliban’s attitude to Pakistan the most interesting, giving an insight into Islamabad/Rawalpindi’s outlook … More Taliban: Pakistan seen as “increasingly predatory host”