Peshawar’s Loot

The Afghanistan Campaign Medal was created by George W Bush (under Executive Order 13363) in 2004 for American service personnel who have served in Afghanistan (or Afghan airspace) for 30 consecutive days or 60 non-consecutively. It is however much easier and safer to pick one up in the Pakistan city of Peshawar where they are … More Peshawar’s Loot

Butt on Haider

To Lahore last week, on the trail of anyone who could shed light on Zulqarnain Haider’s odd defection, and who should I bump into at Model Town Green’s Cricket Club but Salman Butt, the Pakistan cricket captain currently suspended over spot fixing allegations. I politely enquired whether he or any other of the club cricketers … More Butt on Haider

The Ghee Club

Noticed this sign in Lahore yesterday. I’d be interested to know what benefits are available to members. Their website had precious few answers. But I can’t also help thinking that there may well be a good reason why no-one has tried this before.