Laugh or Cry?

So Kenya stands on the brink of catastrophe. Ethnic tensions have been laid bare in a month of post-election violence. Kalenjin and Kikuyu gangs are intent on taking lumps out of each other. Slums have been razed and hundreds of thousands of people sent fleeing. “Violence continues, threatening to escalate to catastrophic levels,” is how … More Laugh or Cry?

A Rant

I never understand footballers. Rugby was my game. After kicking seven bells out of each other we would give the opposition three cheers at the end, shake hands and then go to the bar and drink until we couldn’t stand up. Footballers seem to touch fingers while looking anywhere but at each other, and get … More A Rant

Disgusted of Hurlingham

The death of Heath Ledger, and Meskel Square’s marathon debate about homosexuality in Africa, remind me of the time a friend went to hire the DVD of Brokeback Mountain, I think from a store in Hurlingham here in Nairobi. Shop Assistant: Are you sure that’s what you want? Friend: Yes Shop Assistant: Do you know what it’s … More Disgusted of Hurlingham