Sending a manuscript out to its first readers is a fraught business. Even more so when you are not only asking people – some of whom know a great deal more about Sudan and Dafur than I do – to read the thing, but also asking them to offer an endorsement or blurb. Anyway, thank you to everyone who took the time to read my book and here, over the next weeks, I’ll be posting what they said.

Mia Farrow, actress and activist

While I disagree with much of Mr Crilly’s analysis, he provides us with a solid journalistic account of his first-hand experiences in Darfur.

Adam Mynott, BBC News

The crisis in Darfur is complex, multi-layered and has its roots deep in history.  It is not, as it is often portrayed, a straightforward issue of good versus bad. Rob Crilly has spent more time than any other journalist I know travelling in and out of the region to piece together his analysis; his vast experience informs this book and lifts it head and shoulders above other attempts to explain what has plunged Darfur into disaster.

Martin Geissler, ITV News

Saving Darfur is an engaging and insightful look into one of Africa’s most intractable conflicts.
Rob Crilly has as good a grasp of the people and the politics of the region as anyone writing on the subject today.
This book’s triumph is the author’s ability to make the complexities of the crisis accessible, through the eyes of the people who have watched, and suffered as the atrocities unfolded.
If you’re looking for just one book to bring you up to speed on Darfur, this is it!

Richard Dowden, director of the Royal African Society.

Crilly takes you to Darfur, into a vast landscape of heat and dust and horrific war. But as he leads you from plains to mountains and into camps and villages, all your preconceptions are turned upside down by the fiendish complexity of this war. This books peels off the labels that have been stuck on Darfur by outsiders and exposes the stubborn realities beneath the surface

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