The Great Pastry Crisis

Deeply disturbing news arrives from Sudan. President Bashir has ordered a boycott of all things Danish in response to those cartoons of the prophet Mohammed being republished in newspapers over there. I suspect the Danish bacon industry will be unconcerned. But wait. What about the pastries served at Ozone, possibly the best coffeeshop in the … More The Great Pastry Crisis

China and Darfur

Say what you like about China’s role in Darfur, but no-one can accuse them of not having a sense of humour. BEIJING (AFP) — China’s special envoy on Darfur has urged the West to do more to promote a peaceful settlement to the conflict in the African region, state media reported Wednesday. Liu Guijin, who … More China and Darfur

A Cynic Goes Soft

It’s not hard to sneer at diplomats. Particularly those who have learned the art at the United Nations. And, being a journalist, it’s something that comes easy to me. I’ve done it already on this blog several times. You know the sort of thing – making fun of their platitudes, using the term “diplomatic” as a euphemism … More A Cynic Goes Soft

From Kenya with Love

Like many of my colleagues writing for British newspapers I have spent the past few weeks waiting for Britain’s response to the unfolding catastrophe in Kenya. Ministers have expressed their deep concern and said vaguely that there could be no “business as usual”, parroting the same line delivered by the US and our European partners. … More From Kenya with Love

Mr Kony, I Presume

Matt Green, formerly of this parish, launched his book on Joseph Kony in London last night. I’m thoroughly looking forward to reading The Wizard of the Nile: The Hunt for Africa’s Most Wanted, about his search for the mysterious rebel leader who unleashed untold misery on northern Uganda. Not least because about a year or … More Mr Kony, I Presume