Crisp Diplomacy

Me, I like a packet of crisps. Cheese and onion is my favourite, if you are asking, but generally I need no invitation to sample a new flavour. So I was easily led by Lay’s cricket world cup tie-in, featuring new flavours representing the teams taking part. On offer were English sour cream and onion … More Crisp Diplomacy

Valentine’s Day: Saints and Sinners

Found yesterday’s showering of affection on Mumtaz Qadri rather confusing to say the least… The confessed killer of a liberal Pakistani governor pleaded guilty Monday to a murder he said was justified under Islam, while outside the court supporters bearing flowers and cards wished him a happy Valentine’s Day. This sort of adulation for a … More Valentine’s Day: Saints and Sinners

On a Lighter Note…

Thinks have taken a turn for the worse in Cairo. Pretty miserable scenes last night. So let’s cheer ourselves up: How to write about Egypt: …Whatever you choose, your first paragraph must mention at least one of four things: the Nile, the Pyramids, overcrowding or Egyptian fatalism… Laugh in with Hosni: Egypt’s president cracks up … More On a Lighter Note…

Books Stuff

The South Asia Reading Challenge continues apace, with a contribution this week from Agnija. My list is finalised (well ish) but came back from London at the weekend with a fresh handful of books on the region, as well as Alastair Campbell’s latest volume of diaries and Kristin Hirsh’s altogether rather different diary. Would particularly … More Books Stuff