The trouble with Somalia (pt 63)

There’s a chicken and egg problem with this analysis and all failed states… Pouring foreign aid into Somalia without good accountability mechanisms in place will only worsen these negative dynamics, just like it did in Afghanistan. Yes, reconstruction is sorely required and in addition to improving security, the Somali government badly needs to start delivering … More The trouble with Somalia (pt 63)

Jaw jaw and war war

Interesting analysis piece in The New York Times, which seems to be confused about why the Taliban appears to be talking AND fighting at the same time… Back in Afghanistan, though, they have been the same old Taliban: fighters have waged suicide attacks that have taken an increasing toll on civilians, and on Tuesday the … More Jaw jaw and war war

Declan Walsh

Here’s the text of a letter signed by 17 international news organisations, including The Daily Telegraph, and sent to Pakistan’s minister of information in protest at the expulsion of Declan Walsh. We are writing to protest the Pakistani government’s recent move to expel Declan Walsh, the Islamabad bureau chief for The New York Times, without … More Declan Walsh

If Mr Karzai is…

If Mr Karzai is maddening, the Taliban are frightening, the US is vexing and Pakistan is opaque, meaning there is virtually nothing that can be said with any certainty about the prospects for a negotiated settlement in Afghanistan other than that there will be many bumps on the road to peace. From yesterday’s Dawn on … More If Mr Karzai is…

Afghan talks over before they’ve begun?

I was pretty sceptical about the chances of success of this latest bout of Afghan peacemaking. Here’s my take from first thing this morning: You don’t need to know much about Afghanistan, the nature of extremist movements or world affairs in general to understand one important principle: Never mind what they say, what are they … More Afghan talks over before they’ve begun?