Focus on Sirte

Sirte is the focus for rebel forces in the east. Units have been moving slowly towards the coastal city all week, reinforcing with heavy armour and artillery from Brega and – on the western side – fighters from Misrata are closing in. But look at what rebel leaders said yesterday and it sounds as if … More Focus on Sirte

The Road to Sirte

Back on the road today. And what a familiar road it is. Back in March my fixer, Tam, and I drove up and down the Benghazi to Tripoli road umpteen times charting the rebels’ rapid advances followed by equally rapid retreats. On my first day I made it as far as Ras Lanuf, only for … More The Road to Sirte

The Road to Benghazi

The road from Cairo is long and well, pretty dull. This is roughly the scenery for oooh 13 or so hours, except when it’s dark or you drive past a rather umimpressive stretch of drive-through fast food joints There is the occasional camel and World War Two Cemetery. But it was all a little uninspiring … More The Road to Benghazi