In the Press

Genocide Made Simple ED O’LOUGHLIN reviews Saving Darfur: Everyone’s Favourite African War
The Irish Times 3/4/2010

Vilified Arabs of Darfur must be included in peace process
The Irish Times 16/3/2010

Nick Meo finds Saving Darfur by Rob Crilly provides a different view of the tragedy in Sudan
Telegraph Online 15/3/2010

Why Darfur is everyone’s favourite African war
Sp!ked Online: Spiked Review of Books February

Fear and loathing in a land where it’s not just about good guys v bad guys
The Scotsman 26/2/2010

In the company of rebels as bomber overhead seeks its target
The Irish Times 15/2/2010

Darfur: Where Celebrities Love to Tread
BBC Online 9/2/2010

Analysis: Clichéd reporting does nothing to help Africa’s cause
The Scotsman 11/1/2010

Is Sudan moving back to the brink of war? 9/1/2010

Sudan conflict has not disappeared – just the headlines
The Scotsman 29/12/2009

We cannot afford to let Darfur slip away
The Irish Times 24/12/2009

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