Anyone Remember Darfur?

This is awkward. Sir John Holmes, the Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, flies in to Khartoum tonight en route to Darfur. I suspect the Khartoum press corps may be otherwise engaged.

Kalma: How to Turn a Solution into a Problem

Kalma camp in South Darfur is the most miserable of the region’s miserable camps. It is too big by far. Something like 90,000 people live in its shacks and mud-brick homes in a sprawling mass of humanity where seething tension frequently erupts into violence as tribe plots against tribe. Most charities dare not venture inside … More Kalma: How to Turn a Solution into a Problem

Khartoum or Bust

My list of favourite African cities wouldn’t be long. Africa is more about its villages. That’s where the history, the stories and the culture are to be found. Too many of its cities are dull collections of 1970s buildings that were too often modelled on the gloomy eastern European utilitarianism of the Cold War. Not so … More Khartoum or Bust

Things Not to Say to a Rebel Commander – An Occasional Series

This series is inspired by a moment last week when my slick journalist’s poise deserted me. Briefly. It is not the first time and probably won’t be the last. Anyway, it happened as I introduced myself to a rebel commander via telephone. ME: So where are you? REBEL COMMANDER (VIA SATPHONE): Erm. Erm. Who did you … More Things Not to Say to a Rebel Commander – An Occasional Series

Khartoum’s Big Stick

Khartoum needs no excuse to make life difficult for the international charities that operate in Darfur. Now Zoe’s Ark has handed them a perfect reason to get tough on organisations trying to dish up food or provide water to some four million people. Newsweek has taken a look at this issue. But I think they’ve … More Khartoum’s Big Stick