After 2pm

I have a lot of conversations that proceed roughly along these lines. Car man: So I will come to collect the money. What time sir? Me: Oh, well what would be convenient for you? Car man: No, no. You tell me a time and I will come. Me: Great. Shall we say 12. Does that … More After 2pm

Limited soul searching in Pakistan on grooming case

The Pakistani media have not overly troubled themselves with the Rochdale sex grooming convictions. While British newspapers have pondered the role of Islam, cultural differences and attitudes towards women in the crimes, in Pakistan the newspapers have limited themselves to short news reports and nothing in the way of reflection. So interesting to see The … More Limited soul searching in Pakistan on grooming case

Managing Contacts

The past few months has seen me forced into a bit of an IT overhaul after I had a load of computer gear stolen. Perhaps the biggest headache has been trying to work out the best way to manage my contacts. For the past 10 years I’ve been using Palm computers, from the simple Palm … More Managing Contacts