This looks like the sort of book I will be reading. Partly to reinforce my own prejudices…. Here’s a taster from Séverine Autesserre on The Washington Post website…. In  Peaceland, I show that rather than just the usual gamut of explanations for peacebuilding failure – like lack of funds, vested political interests, or the imposition … More

Who is in the firing line in North Waziristan?

Difficult to know what’s happening in North Waziristan, when the military controls access so strictly. At the moment most of the coverage is dominated by military press releases and whatever residents are able to say over the phone. The big unanswered question so far is whether the “comprehensive operation” will clear all armed groups from … More Who is in the firing line in North Waziristan?

Lessons from football manufacture

Fascinating forthcoming paper on uptake of innovation in manufacturing, based on an experiment in the football-making capital of the world, Sialkot in Pakistan. Basically, workers paid a piece rate told factory managers they didn’t like new, more-efficient equipment, fearing they would earn less in the period when they learning how to use it…. The problem … More Lessons from football manufacture

Clooney on Darfur 2014

Interesting new piece in Vice written by Messrs Clooney and Prendergast. My book, Saving Darfur, was almost entirely a refutation of their analysis and campaign against the government in Khartoum. But now they seem to be adopting a more reasonable position. On genocide for example: A term like genocide is incendiary and fraught with baggage. … More Clooney on Darfur 2014