Zardari Under Pressure to Send Warning to London

I filed this story last night. It made the front page, but got taken into another story and ended up essentially as a picture caption. It happens…. But anyway, I thought it said something interesting about the way Pakistan works. The military appears to be putting pressure on Zardari to make a stand over Cameron’s … More Zardari Under Pressure to Send Warning to London

Sudan’s Groundhog Day

Sudan has reappeared briefly in the op-ed pages, first with Dave Eggers and John Prendergast urging US intervention to prevent a return to war following the South’s referendum on seccession. Now Marc Gustafson has responded with a pursuasive argument that once again the Sudan advocacy movement has exaggerated the risks and drawn the wrong conclusions… … More Sudan’s Groundhog Day

Postcards From Hell 5: Rose Petals

Baroness Warsi visited her ancestral village yesterday, the place that her father left 50 years ago in favour of England. She received a rock-star reception, with cheering, drumming and great cries of “zindabad”. But the best thing about it was the fistfuls of fragrant rose petals that showered her arrival. More great clouds of pink were thrown in the … More Postcards From Hell 5: Rose Petals

Explaining Away Terror

Great piece in The Daily Times today by Hasan-Askari Rizvi on the failure of many Pakistani leaders to recognise the domestic nature of terror attacks. Instead they continue to reach for narratives that suggest a global conspiracy against Islam rather than accept the threat posed by Muslim extremists. At the same time, leaders in Punjab … More Explaining Away Terror

Africa United?

I’ll be honest. I love that Shakira song. It’s trite and filled with stereotypes from grass skirts to bumshaking dances – and I know I shouldn’t like it. For as Brendan O’Neill points out at Spiked Online it captures everything that is wrong and patronising about this “African” World Cup… Ever since the opening ceremony, … More Africa United?