TV Appearance

  The peace deal signed between the Justice and Equality Movement and Khartoum on Tuesday gave me a chance to talk about my book on Al Jazeera. It’s always fun doing TV but I invariably come away remembering the things I should have said. Anyway, I think I made my point and great to be getting the … More TV Appearance

Trolleys in Darfur

Organising some of my old pictures, and I thought I’d treat you to some of my favourites. Particularly as I’m nowhere more interesting than Crouch End at the moment. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the old baggage trolleys at Heathrow, well they end up at El Fasher airport in Darfur. Presumably there’s been … More Trolleys in Darfur

On The One Hand

  At the weekend, leaders of the Justice and Equality Movement signed a ceasefire agreement with the Sudanese government which could lead to a final settlememt as early as next month. Good news from a part of the world that has had precious little to cheer about. But hang on, haven’t we been here before? … More On The One Hand

Amnesty Ireland Event Cancelled

Amnesty Ireland has cancelled the event scheduled for Thursday evening in Dublin. They wanted a second panellist to contradict my assessment of Darfur, but couldn’t find anyone in time. I’m sorry if you were planning to attend but hope you can make it to The Gutter Bookshop on Wednesday at 6pm instead.

Launch Day

Today is launch day. The BBC World Service has me on its website and I gave my first talk about Saving Darfur yesterday to journalism students at City University. That went well, I think. They had some good questions and laughed at the slide of me on a donkey. Last week they had been told … More Launch Day

An Easy Mistake to Make

This arrives in my inbox, originating from the office of the outgoing UN Special Representative of the Secretary General to Sudan, Ashraf Jehangir… With brains like this at work, you can only wonder why Sudan remains in trouble… Esteemed Colleagues, Kindly note the following correction to the transcript of the above sent yesterday afternoon: The … More An Easy Mistake to Make