Trump and Putin

Also, Democrats have yet to work out how to counter this, relying for the moment on simple outrage and the idea that Trump’s behaviour is self-evidently bad or hypocritical. For a chunk of his support, Trump’s behaviour is self-evidently good. And being tough does not necessarily mean standing up to Putin; it means doing your … More Trump and Putin

Trump’s action men

Illuminating piece on HR McMaster in the latest New Yorker, in which you can learn not only why he might choose to go by HR rather than his given name but which also suggests President Donald Trump’s proclivity for staffing the higher reaches of his administration with military men. Maybe it is not just because … More Trump’s action men

On dog whistles

I have written a bit about Donald Trump’s dog whistle in recent days. It seems that his desire to find moral equivalence between both sides in Charlottesville is not necessarily proof that he is some kind of racist or neo-Nazi. Of course it puts him on the wrong side, but it seems to me it … More On dog whistles

Writing prompt

By now we know the story of how the Calibri font let to the downfall of Nawaz Sharif as Pakistan’s PM. But I only just caught up with this New Yorker piece on its history. I particularly enjoyed the way its designer dismissed competitors with a studied disdain that makes you want to write a … More Writing prompt