This just in from UK’s Department for International Development promising £18m to ensure women play a “full party” in next year’s Afghan elections, and that the polls represent Afghanistan as a whole… So it’s just a shame that the only female candidate has been barred from running for president (with bugger all outcry from rest … More

Michael Scott Moore

Interesting piece on the kidnapping of Michael Scott Moore almost two years ago. It raises some important questions about freelancers, war zones, ransoms, negotiations and publicity surrounding such cases. I’ve always been sceptical that news black-outs are the best way to handle all kidnappings. In at least one case, lack of media attention was taken … More Michael Scott Moore

Aid in hard places

Have spent quite a few days this week watching the unfolding aid operation around Tacloban. When I first arrived in the the typhoon-affected area there was no more than a trickle of relief supplies coming in. Two American C-130s and three Philippine Air Force cargo planes were the only planes arriving. That trickle has grown … More Aid in hard places

Camp Tacloban

  First things first, I’m lucky. I’ll be doing this for a few days. There are lots of people here in Tacloban who have lost everything and have nowhere to call home. That said, I thought I’d let you know how I’ve been surviving on the road. This place was hit terribly hard by Typhoon … More Camp Tacloban