Monitoring the Sudanese Elections

The Carter Center: ” it is apparent that the elections will fall short of meeting international standards and Sudan’s obligations for genuine elections in many respects. Nonetheless, the elections are important as a key benchmark in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and because of the increased political and civic participation that has occurred over the … More Monitoring the Sudanese Elections

Beware Copy-Cat Piracy

The House of Lords has published its report into Somali piracy, examining specifically the success of EU Operation Atalanta, and is available here. I find myself elsewhere these days so haven’t ploughed through its pages. I’m sure there’s some tasty nuggets in there. In the meantime the conclusions do seem to take a rather optimistic … More Beware Copy-Cat Piracy

Sudan Election Stuff

Quick round up of Sudan election relatedish things… Polling Day and A Complex Election – Hafiz Mohammed on how there’s simply not enough hours in the day to fill in the dastardly complex ballot papers When is an election boycott not an election boycott? When it takes place in Sudan Rigged Elections in Darfur and … More Sudan Election Stuff

Bashir and the ICC

My opinion piece is running in The Daily Telegraph today. It is a round-up of the thesis in my book but also points out, with an election days away for which Bashir is a shoo-in, how the international campaign has backfired. This is likely to be the most contentious claim… Then, last year, the campaign … More Bashir and the ICC