Karachi and books

One of the best things about Pakistan is the book shops. I spend hours rummaging through the jumbled piles of books in dusty second-hand stores, pulling out Flashman novels, turgid tomes about Pakistani politics or yellowing travel guides extolling the beauty of Waziristan. There’s no apparent system – alphabetical or otherwise – but almost anything … More Karachi and books

Two views of Pakistan’s polio problem

Two interesting and contrasting takes on Pakistan’s current troubles with polio. Both come from The Express Tribune. The first involves a family with three polio victims, including the first in Karachi for 14 months… “We came to know about Dr Shakil Afridi’s alliance with the Americans,” said the father, referring to the doctor’s alleged fake … More Two views of Pakistan’s polio problem

Dave’s Painting Dilemma

President Asif Ali Zardari will be at Chequers this weekend for a summit with President Hamid Karzai and David Cameron. I do hope the Camerons have put up Mr Zardari’s gift somewhere suitable and not the loo, as helpfully suggested by The Daily Mail