31 Favourite Things About Pakistan: Postcards from Hell

Last week Foreign Policy magazine published its Failed States Index. The usual suspects took the top few places but placing Pakistan as the world’s tenth most failed state seemed a little, well, unfair. And so my Pakistani friends thought when we discussed the matter over dinner on Monday night. The misrepresentation of their country in … More 31 Favourite Things About Pakistan: Postcards from Hell

Whose Agenda is it Anyway?

Interesting media row bubbling away in Pakistan. This week The Washington Post reports how the American embassy in Islamabad is sending corrections and clarifications to Pakistani media houses. Presumably frustrated at what officials have called “false and malicious” or “a paranoid fabrication”, they have hurtled headlong into a row I suspect they can’t win. In … More Whose Agenda is it Anyway?

Stanley McChrystal Links

Here’s what I’ve been reading: I thought General McChrystal was ‘unfireable’, says Rolling Stone writer – “I think he had been protected by other profile writers in the past, who wanted access,” Hastings said. “I am not an access journalist. That’s not my style.” Hara-kiri through interview? – “The entire episode reminds one just how … More Stanley McChrystal Links

Minding the Language

You don’t have to live in Islamabad long to notice how Pakistani-English has its own charming variations. Some are leftovers of a bygone age. Others are infathomable. And I’m sure there are plenty more to discover… Why not? – the cheery response to any request, no matter how outlandish. Makes the heart warm Miscreant – gentle … More Minding the Language

Discovering Libya

Press release arrives in my inbox that I thought I’d pass on: Chris Bradley, author, documentary maker and photographer, and Amelia Stewart, founder of leading specialist tour operator Simoon Travel, will share their tips for Discovering Libya at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), in London on Wednesday 9 June 2010.