Pakistan’s Day of Moderate Disapproval

The world has clearly gone crazy. That a lame movie trailer (does the actual movie even exist?) made in the US by some kind of Coptic Christian can induce people to attack branches of KFC or the German embassy in Khartoum is simply too bizarre for comprehension.

So can I just point out the fine example of Pakistan for a moment. This country, usually portrayed as a steaming cesspit of crazy, beard-wearing nutcases intent on destroying the West, managed to broadly treat the “Innocence of Muslims” movie trailer with the contempt it deserved, for the most part ignoring the amateurish provocation for what it was.

Yes there were protests. I went to one outside the Red Mosque in Islamabad yesterday, where a few dozen flag-waving demonstrators, denounced the movie then bought kulfi and went home to their families.

So for once, let’s hear it for Pakistan. A Muslim country, peopled largely by moderates, who expressed their anger at the movie trailer in a rational and proportionate way. This is something we don’t hear enough about (and I know we in the media are to blame).


9 thoughts on “Pakistan’s Day of Moderate Disapproval

  1. This is something we don’t hear enough about (and I know we in the media are to blame). . . . of course its understood . . but before and after these 4 paragraphs your words also have 180 degree phase shift . . got it !

    1. actually, I think we need to keep things in proportion. Thursday was maybe 4000 people in a country of 180m. The protests were clearly orchestrated by hardline leaders rather than a spontaneous outpouring of anger. Nasty and frightening certainly but we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that most people are getting on with their lives

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