A Few Things

Here are the bits and pieces that I’ve been reading this week. Goodbye Africa: Reflections on a continent – in which departing McLatchy corr Shashank Bengali writes about his domestic staff, but not in the usual expat way. This is moving and heartfelt “I am a British journalist” – in which much missed Khartoum-based blogger … More A Few Things

Jerry Fowler Quits Save Darfur Coalition

There’s a report knocking around that Jerry Fowler, president of the Save Darfur Coalition, is leaving because of “bitter infighting”. This rather aroused my curiosity, given the way David Rubenstein was fired as executive director in 2007. The coalition and wider movement have long been accused of ignoring the realities of Darfur, and of getting … More Jerry Fowler Quits Save Darfur Coalition

Clooney And Me

There were three people who declined all requests for interviews for my book: President Omar al-Bashir, Musa Hilal and George Clooney. At least Hilal had the decency to decline my requests. The other two simply didn’t respond. If I had got the chance to ask Clooney a few questions, this is what I would have … More Clooney And Me

Celebrity Advocates

Those of you who have followed this blog over the past few years will know my views on celebrity advocacy. Or more particularly my views of celebrity advocacy as applied to Darfur. Broadly, the likes of Mia Farrow, Matt Damon and George Clooney have done an incredible job of raising awareness, funds and pressure for … More Celebrity Advocates

Covering a Crisis

Interesting debate on coverage of Haiti and the aid operation. I was rather unimpressed by this view, from The New Republic… …in Haiti, the dozens of redundant dispatches are stressing an already perilously fragile situation, as all the journalists scrambling to get into the country chew up valuable capacity and resources. Surely there’s a better … More Covering a Crisis

A Mint Idea

In the annals of good ideas, Somalia’s plan to print money would be a conspicuous absentee. However, this appears to be exactly what the Transitional Federal Government – currently in control of two Mogadishu blocks, 300 camels and a Panamanian-registered tugboat (I made that up, but you get the picture) – is planning to do. … More A Mint Idea

Somalia and Yemen

Unhappy new year in Somalia. This just in from the UNHCR… The number of Somali casualties and displaced civilians continues to grow as fighting in central areas of Somalia rages on. Since the beginning of the year, fighting and general insecurity have displaced an estimated 63,000 people in Somalia. As the world wakes up to Yemen’s problems and … More Somalia and Yemen

What They’re Saying About Saving Darfur III

Today it’s Adam Mynott, who served as BBC East Africa Correspondent for four years on Saving Darfur The crisis in Darfur is complex, multi-layered and has its roots deep in history.  It is not, as it is often portrayed, a straightforward issue of good versus bad. Rob Crilly has spent more time than any other journalist … More What They’re Saying About Saving Darfur III

Odds and Sods

Football United: Football Has Become the Air That Sudan Breathes: Stephen Constantine, Sudan’s national football coach, on a different side to a country known for war, oil and famine World media’s view on a year of President Obama: Don’t expect any criticism in Kenya, unlike elsewhere How did it come to this?: The Economist on … More Odds and Sods