Lahore’s Gambling Dens

The directions were vague: drive into Shahnoor, a cluttered corner of Lahore named after a movie studio, where the narrow streets are filled with carts loaded with bananas and motorised rickshaws, then telephone again for more information. After 30 stop-start minutes of 11-point turns we reached our destination. It looked like a half-constructed shopfront. Inside … More Lahore’s Gambling Dens

Baptism of Fire

You’ve got to respect Baroness Amos. As British High Commissioner to Australia she could have whiled away her days with a spot of tennis followed by gin and tonics on the verandah, occasionally hosting a trade delegation or planning a reception for this winter’s victorious England’s Ashes team. But no. Less  than a year into … More Baptism of Fire

Angelina Jolie Turns Spotlight back to Pakistan

I’ve got mixed feelings about celebrity advocacy. It’s great when they use their pulling power to highlight a cause. But, as readers of this blog will know, I have reservations about their impact on Darfur, for example, where instead of creating space for the policy discussion they have become champions of a particular analysis and … More Angelina Jolie Turns Spotlight back to Pakistan