Taliban: Pakistan seen as “increasingly predatory host”

If you haven’t some across the Afghanistan Analysts Network then I thoroughly recommend checking out its website. Some of the best analysis around. This piece on the deal for Bowe Bergdahl’s release is well worth reading. I found the pars on the Taliban’s attitude to Pakistan the most interesting, giving an insight into Islamabad/Rawalpindi’s outlook … More Taliban: Pakistan seen as “increasingly predatory host”

Who is in the firing line in North Waziristan?

Difficult to know what’s happening in North Waziristan, when the military controls access so strictly. At the moment most of the coverage is dominated by military press releases and whatever residents are able to say over the phone. The big unanswered question so far is whether the “comprehensive operation” will clear all armed groups from … More Who is in the firing line in North Waziristan?

Jaw jaw and war war

Interesting analysis piece in The New York Times, which seems to be confused about why the Taliban appears to be talking AND fighting at the same time… Back in Afghanistan, though, they have been the same old Taliban: fighters have waged suicide attacks that have taken an increasing toll on civilians, and on Tuesday the … More Jaw jaw and war war