Clooney on Darfur 2014

Interesting new piece in Vice written by Messrs Clooney and Prendergast. My book, Saving Darfur, was almost entirely a refutation of their analysis and campaign against the government in Khartoum. But now they seem to be adopting a more reasonable position. On genocide for example: A term like genocide is incendiary and fraught with baggage. … More Clooney on Darfur 2014

Free Meriam

It’s great to see the world taking notice of the routine abuse and violence perpetrated by the Sudanese state. This stuff happens all the time, but the case of Meriam Ibrahim – a Christian woman sentenced to death for “apostasy” – has managed to shine a light on the hidden corners of a brutal regime. … More Free Meriam

My friend went to Africa and all I got was this idea for a lousy T-shirt

Kony 2012 is not an aberration. It is the inevitable next step in a trend among charities and advocacy groups trying to connect distant disasters with donors, voters and policymakers in the west. That is laudable. But a consequence is that it has confused causes and effects, spawning a new breed of campaigner that measures … More My friend went to Africa and all I got was this idea for a lousy T-shirt

The Drones Club

Could drones – currently used by the CIA for targeted assassinations (just don’t call them that, especially as they often seem untargeted) – be used for good? Andrew Stobo Sniderman and Mark Hanis, co-founders of the Genocide Intervention Network, seem to think so… Imagine if we could watch in high definition with a bird’s-eye view. … More The Drones Club