“The Islamic State is failing at being a state”

For a while, iconoclastically-minded journalists liked to hold up the Islamic Courts Union of Mogadishu as the future of Somalia. For about six months they brought a semblance of peace and security to the capital in 2006. They were backed by businessmen who saw the benefits of law and order – albeit a pretty strict … More “The Islamic State is failing at being a state”

Beware Copy-Cat Piracy

The House of Lords has published its report into Somali piracy, examining specifically the success of EU Operation Atalanta, and is available here. I find myself elsewhere these days so haven’t ploughed through its pages. I’m sure there’s some tasty nuggets in there. In the meantime the conclusions do seem to take a rather optimistic … More Beware Copy-Cat Piracy

Mr World Service

I don’t know why Bob Geldof got his knickers in a twist over the BBC’s report on aid to Ethiopia. Surely anyone who knows anything about Africa knows that in dealing with emergencies, aid agencies will have to deal with unsavoury characters. Today it is the UN’s World Food Programme that’s in the firing line. … More Mr World Service