Valentine’s Day: Saints and Sinners

Found yesterday’s showering of affection on Mumtaz Qadri rather confusing to say the least… The confessed killer of a liberal Pakistani governor pleaded guilty Monday to a murder he said was justified under Islam, while outside the court supporters bearing flowers and cards wished him a happy Valentine’s Day. This sort of adulation for a … More Valentine’s Day: Saints and Sinners

A Haven of Sense

Religious hordes throng Karachi, spewing intolerance, anger and ignorance. Ordinary people – far from extremists – and even supposedly educated lawyers laud an Islamist assassin. The BBC asks whether Pakistan has passed a tipping point. But there is another Pakistan, far from the mountainous borderlands, where al-Qaeda leaders and Taliban commanders plot their next move, … More A Haven of Sense

Salman Taseer

In November a Christian woman was sentenced to death in Pakistan after being convicted of insulting the Prophet Mohammed. It was unusual because Asia Bibi was thought to be the first woman on death row for the offence. On the other hand, it is all too common for members of Pakistan’s religious minorities to be … More Salman Taseer