Something must be done in Syria. But what?

I wrote this in September 2011, as the Libyan regime of Col Gaddafi collapsed, and calls for intervention in Syria began. At the time, the interventionists were on a high. But the conditions that made action in Libya attractive were very different to the conditions in Syria, for reasons I bullet-pointed…. (I have no link as … More Something must be done in Syria. But what?

Qatar, Al Jazeera and Islamists in Libya

 Another interesting nugget from The Libyan Revolution and Its Aftermath. One of the recurring themes of the first section, detailing the structure of the uprising itself, is the – at times – divisive role of Qatar. It seemed intent on establishing its own command centres as spheres of influence, working in competition with those liaising … More Qatar, Al Jazeera and Islamists in Libya

The Drones Club

Could drones – currently used by the CIA for targeted assassinations (just don’t call them that, especially as they often seem untargeted) – be used for good? Andrew Stobo Sniderman and Mark Hanis, co-founders of the Genocide Intervention Network, seem to think so… Imagine if we could watch in high definition with a bird’s-eye view. … More The Drones Club

Discovering Libya

Press release arrives in my inbox that I thought I’d pass on: Chris Bradley, author, documentary maker and photographer, and Amelia Stewart, founder of leading specialist tour operator Simoon Travel, will share their tips for Discovering Libya at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), in London on Wednesday 9 June 2010.