Oh The Irony

It would be funny if it hadn’t crippled my entire life. Every time I turn on my computer I get a little jingle and the following message: “KIBAKI FOR PRESIDENT. VOTE KIBAKI FOR A BETTER FUTURE. KIBAKI TOSHA TENA.” It seems my computer is infected with the Kibaki Tosha Tena worm. (My Swahili is pretty … More Oh The Irony

Two Steps Backwards

So after the strides made by Kenyans in exercising their power at the ballot box last week it looks increasingly like things are coming off the rails. Every step forwards, it seems, is met with two steps backwards, a media blackout and mass killings. For now my inbox is full of press releases from diplomats … More Two Steps Backwards

And They’re Off

President Mwai Kibaki formally dissolved the Kenyan parliament today, the metaphorical starting gun for the election campaign proper. Yet it already seems as if we have had to endure a year of campaigning. The two main newspapers have carried little other than the manoeuvrings of presidential aspirants for months not to mention the comings and … More And They’re Off