Keeping out the poor

So many exceptions. But who is going to decide if someone is famous or not? #CentaurusEntryTicket — Husham Ahmed (@hushamahmed) July 2, 2015 The decision by Centaurus Mall in Islamabad to charge 100 rupees for entry has kicked off a not inconsiderable fuss, particularly given that many of the people exempt are those that can … More Keeping out the poor

Why does Islamabad need a farmers market?

One of the first articles I wrote in my first job at The Chester Chronicle was on the new farmers* market in the city. This would have been about 1999. Supermarkets had ravaged the British high street sending traditional family greengrocers, butchers and fishmongers to the wall. Small producers, who couldn’t deliver tonnes of blemish-free … More Why does Islamabad need a farmers market?

Judge and jury

Picking a fight with the judges is no joke if you return about five years later no longer as head of state. You can read today’s judgment, denying bail to Pervez Musharraf, in PDF form here. Basically the judge (who was among those lawyers detained in 2007, I’m told) told the former president that his … More Judge and jury


Cannabis pollen count hits zero (good for hayfever sufferers and, er, anyone with an interest in preventing their cannabis plants from pollinating)