Peace v Justice: Lessons from Northern Ireland

On one of my final visits to Khartoum I was discussing the gnarly old peace-versus-justice debate with a diplomat, who used a comparison with a peace process closer to home. She was making a point about the utility of issuing a warrant for the arrest of President Omar al-Bashir even as negotiations continued for independence … More Peace v Justice: Lessons from Northern Ireland

A Fool and His Money

George Clooney’s Satellite Sentinel Project is beaming back information from the border between north and south Sudan. The first details provide a vivid insight into what is happening there that could have been obtained by, er, just asking someone who knows about Sudan SAF deployments near Muglad, Kadugli, Kharassana and other areas appear to be … More A Fool and His Money

Clooney And Me

There were three people who declined all requests for interviews for my book: President Omar al-Bashir, Musa Hilal and George Clooney. At least Hilal had the decency to decline my requests. The other two simply didn’t respond. If I had got the chance to ask Clooney a few questions, this is what I would have … More Clooney And Me

A Dumb Pundit Writes

Nairobi: George Clooney has taken a pop at armchair experts who dismiss his brand of celebrity activism. The vocal campaigner for Darfur says in Time magazine… “…I welcome any of these dumb pundits who make celebrities out to be bad guys to a discussion about Darfur. Because I’ve been there and I’ve met all the players, and … More A Dumb Pundit Writes