Labels in Peshawar

Food aid is desperately limited in its effectiveness. It works in only a few places and under very specific circumstances (PDF) – ie in places where there is no food and people are going to die unless they are handed pulses, oil and corn. In many cases there are much more effective ways of helping … More Labels in Peshawar

Baptism of Fire

You’ve got to respect Baroness Amos. As British High Commissioner to Australia she could have whiled away her days with a spot of tennis followed by gin and tonics on the verandah, occasionally hosting a trade delegation or planning a reception for this winter’s victorious England’s Ashes team. But no. Less  than a year into … More Baptism of Fire

Angelina Jolie Turns Spotlight back to Pakistan

I’ve got mixed feelings about celebrity advocacy. It’s great when they use their pulling power to highlight a cause. But, as readers of this blog will know, I have reservations about their impact on Darfur, for example, where instead of creating space for the policy discussion they have become champions of a particular analysis and … More Angelina Jolie Turns Spotlight back to Pakistan