Drones and data

Awkward days for anti-drone protesters who have staked their position on the numbers of civilian casualties. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has unveiled its 2013 assessment, revealing there were no confirmed deaths of Pakistani civilians last year in CIA drone strikes. A maximum of four may have been killed. May have been. Meanwhile, the Pakistan … More Drones and data

Obama on drones

So President Obama has made his drones speech (full text of speech here) and the analysis and reaction has begun. Much of it is pretty predictable and makes some of the usual mistakes. First up, UAVs may be pretty new but the questions they raise are not. Our focus should not be on the technology … More Obama on drones

Phantom Drone Strikes

The New York Times has an interesting story today about drone strikes in Pakistan, specifically about two drone strikes carried out in February, one in North Waziristan and one in South Waziristan, which according to my own reporting killed 10 suspected militants…. Yet there was one problem, according to three American officials with knowledge of … More Phantom Drone Strikes

Drone Wars

Francis Fukuyama has been building his own surveillance drone. His post makes for a rather interesting read full of techy details, before he goes on to make a rather important point: I want to have my drone before the government makes them illegal.  The US has been fighting such low-tech enemies lately that we haven’t … More Drone Wars

The Drones Club

Could drones – currently used by the CIA for targeted assassinations (just don’t call them that, especially as they often seem untargeted) – be used for good? Andrew Stobo Sniderman and Mark Hanis, co-founders of the Genocide Intervention Network, seem to think so… Imagine if we could watch in high definition with a bird’s-eye view. … More The Drones Club