This looks like the sort of book I will be reading. Partly to reinforce my own prejudices…. Here’s a taster from Séverine Autesserre on The Washington Post website…. In  Peaceland, I show that rather than just the usual gamut of explanations for peacebuilding failure – like lack of funds, vested political interests, or the imposition … More

Crilly’s Laws

As I prepare to head for yet newer shores, it strikes me (not for the first time) that with one or two basic principles the journalist can turn his hand to writing about any fragile/failed state in the world. Having developed the following laws during the past five years (mostly in Sudan and Somalia), I’ll … More Crilly’s Laws

Prizes for Presidents or Charity for Villagers?

Two interesting and contrasting approaches to development in Africa are making headlines at the moment. One starts at the top, tackling governance issues. The other takes a bottom-up approach, working at the village level. In the first, former Mozambique president Joaquim Chissano has won the inaugural Mo Ibrahim prize awarded to a retiring head of state for … More Prizes for Presidents or Charity for Villagers?