Clooney on Darfur 2014

Interesting new piece in Vice written by Messrs Clooney and Prendergast. My book, Saving Darfur, was almost entirely a refutation of their analysis and campaign against the government in Khartoum. But now they seem to be adopting a more reasonable position. On genocide for example: A term like genocide is incendiary and fraught with baggage. … More Clooney on Darfur 2014

Celebrities in Africa

First things first. Elizabeth McGovern, the Downton Abbey actress, sounds a thoroughly likable decent woman. But why oh why has she allowed herself to get mixed up in this kind of nonsense? A piece I missed from before Christmas paints in toe-curling detail what it is like to be a celebrity on the do-gooder trail, … More Celebrities in Africa

Reporting Syria and future emergencies

Jess Hill has an interesting post over at The Global Mail, discussing how opposition activists in Syria are distorting the information fed to journalists… But it’s not the information — it’s someinformation. Syrian activists are not journalists — they’re activists. They’re risking their lives to get their story out, and many pursue a specific agenda: to convince the international community … More Reporting Syria and future emergencies

The Drones Club

Could drones – currently used by the CIA for targeted assassinations (just don’t call them that, especially as they often seem untargeted) – be used for good? Andrew Stobo Sniderman and Mark Hanis, co-founders of the Genocide Intervention Network, seem to think so… Imagine if we could watch in high definition with a bird’s-eye view. … More The Drones Club

Sudan Election Stuff

Quick round up of Sudan election relatedish things… Polling Day and A Complex Election – Hafiz Mohammed on how there’s simply not enough hours in the day to fill in the dastardly complex ballot papers When is an election boycott not an election boycott? When it takes place in Sudan Rigged Elections in Darfur and … More Sudan Election Stuff

Bashir and the ICC

My opinion piece is running in The Daily Telegraph today. It is a round-up of the thesis in my book but also points out, with an election days away for which Bashir is a shoo-in, how the international campaign has backfired. This is likely to be the most contentious claim… Then, last year, the campaign … More Bashir and the ICC