Quick thoughts on Abbottabad Commission report

Much of the Abbottabad Commission report makes for rather humdrum reading. So Pakistan through incompetence – rather than conspiracy – failed to find the world’s most wanted man? Really? And the air defence systems are set up to watch India rather than the Afghan border? Didn’t I read that somewhere before? There are nice details … More Quick thoughts on Abbottabad Commission report

Faces of Lahore

Was a little shocked travelling through Lahore the other day to see an image of Osama bin Laden adorning the back of a rickshaw, until it was pointed out to me that it was an advert for a book. Seconds later, this trundled past…

Bin Laden reading

Here’s stuff I’ve been reading on bin Laden’s targeted assassination, as one of my liberal Israeli friends insists on calling it. It’s not exhaustive, just a list of stuff… Pakistan and Osama bin Laden: How the West was conned – my colleague Praveen Swami on Pakistan’s history of meddling with extremism Osama bin Laden: family … More Bin Laden reading

Turabi’s Web

So Hassan al-Turabi is once more back in prison, something of a home from home for him since he fell out of bed with President Omar al Bashir. Still, it gives him a chance to catch up on his reading. What got him into trouble was an interview with AFP in which he suggested that … More Turabi’s Web

Al Qaeda and Darfur

From time to time governments in this part of world claim to have uncovered a coup plot or a terrorist cell, round-up dozens of harmless opposition supporters, lock ’em up and throw away the key. So in August I initially dismissed reports of a terrorist plot in Khartoum. President Bashir, it seemed, was taking the … More Al Qaeda and Darfur