This looks like the sort of book I will be reading. Partly to reinforce my own prejudices…. Here’s a taster from Séverine Autesserre on The Washington Post website…. In  Peaceland, I show that rather than just the usual gamut of explanations for peacebuilding failure – like lack of funds, vested political interests, or the imposition … More

Aid in hard places

Have spent quite a few days this week watching the unfolding aid operation around Tacloban. When I first arrived in the the typhoon-affected area there was no more than a trickle of relief supplies coming in. Two American C-130s and three Philippine Air Force cargo planes were the only planes arriving. That trickle has grown … More Aid in hard places

Foreign aid is increasingly used for political ends

Interesting defence of Britain’s foreign aid budget in The Times today (behind the paywall, I’m afraid). Essentially he’s responding to a slew of stories pointing out some of the problems with aid (such as this and this), and makes some pretty sensible points about how many critics don’t realise how little we actually spend on … More Foreign aid is increasingly used for political ends

Interesting post by Andrew Rogerson at the ODI in response to last week’s select committee report on aid to Pakistan. Essentially he asks what is the argument for giving aid to a reasonably well off country… second-best humanitarianism (national elites are able but unwilling to help, so external assistance is needed) social engineering (external engagement … More

There are costs…

There are costs and benefits to the new British aid logo. As far as I can see, the benefits are for the UK government, which will be better able to show voters at home where their money is going with clips of Union Flag adorned tents in refugee camps, for example. It is difficult to … More There are costs…

Mr World Service

I don’t know why Bob Geldof got his knickers in a twist over the BBC’s report on aid to Ethiopia. Surely anyone who knows anything about Africa knows that in dealing with emergencies, aid agencies will have to deal with unsavoury characters. Today it is the UN’s World Food Programme that’s in the firing line. … More Mr World Service