Brit chancers in the US

Outrageous piffle in The Daily Beast about upstanding British journalists in the US, such as Piers Morgan and Louise Mensch. A more relevant aspect of Mensch’s nationality, pertains to the way in which her career has followed a trajectory not unlike that of many other media-hungry Brits who wash upon American shores. Having either failed … More Brit chancers in the US

Obama or Trump?

Two politicians, one in a book and the other a “conversation with”. One is Barack Obama, the other is Donald Trump. Not so very dissimilar in some ways… Just the level of hyperbole… Our infrastructure is terrible, and it’s only getting worse and more expensive to fix. It’s already costing the American people an estimated … More Obama or Trump?

The Mets and me

Watching baseball involves an investment of time. Not just the three hours plus of the regular game, but an investment of months or years. It’s just like cricket in that the longer you spend on it the more you will take from it. Then there is the literature too. Fantastic. The best writing in the … More The Mets and me


I spent a chunk of last week in Chattanooga after the terrible murders of four marines and a sailor. The overriding sense in the city was one of shock: Shock at the killings but also utter bewilderment that it could have happened in a small city in Tennessee. I wrote about that sense here… Chattanooga … More Chattanooga

Why Ferguson?

After decades of relative calm and stability, the apartments have become a tinderbox for crime. Canfield Green Apartments and the nearby Oakmont and Northwinds complexes are a study of the slow encroachment of poverty and social distress into what had been suburban escapes. Good piece in The St Louis Post Dispatch about why Ferguson…