Somali good enough

Very keen to read Andrew Harding’s new book on Somalia, The Mayor of Mogadishu. There’s a fine review in The New York Times which finishes with some lines about the moral complexity of dealing with Somalia (much like other failed states)… As Harding’s fine book makes clear, morally compromised figures like Nur may be the … More Somali good enough

The trouble with Somalia (pt 63)

There’s a chicken and egg problem with this analysis and all failed states… Pouring foreign aid into Somalia without good accountability mechanisms in place will only worsen these negative dynamics, just like it did in Afghanistan. Yes, reconstruction is sorely required and in addition to improving security, the Somali government badly needs to start delivering … More The trouble with Somalia (pt 63)

Whose conference was it anyway? Somalia meeting disappoints

And so we have another commitment from world leaders to help rebuild Somalia and assist its transition to a moderate democracy. Apparently this means a pirate taskforce (link is here but behind a paywall). Perhaps when you hold a conference so far away from Somalia then discussion is not about Somalia’s problems, but about our … More Whose conference was it anyway? Somalia meeting disappoints

Beware Copy-Cat Piracy

The House of Lords has published its report into Somali piracy, examining specifically the success of EU Operation Atalanta, and is available here. I find myself elsewhere these days so haven’t ploughed through its pages. I’m sure there’s some tasty nuggets in there. In the meantime the conclusions do seem to take a rather optimistic … More Beware Copy-Cat Piracy

A Mint Idea

In the annals of good ideas, Somalia’s plan to print money would be a conspicuous absentee. However, this appears to be exactly what the Transitional Federal Government – currently in control of two Mogadishu blocks, 300 camels and a Panamanian-registered tugboat (I made that up, but you get the picture) – is planning to do. … More A Mint Idea