A photo of Karachi’s KFC branch went viral during the Baltimore riots…

https://twitter.com/slangincrack/status/592849255183872000 Except SlanginCrack and his, er, pals did no such thing in Baltimore. I thought this image seemed familiar and sure enough – as @buileshuibhne points out here in a post that you absolutely must read – it is indeed familiar, having first been posted in 2012. It actually shows a KFC in Karachi. I remember the … More A photo of Karachi’s KFC branch went viral during the Baltimore riots…

How made-for-media executions pile pressure on Obama

Dealing with terrorist propaganda is never easy for journalists. Any telling of the story has to include both sides. But only up to point. Bold, grandiose of victory, progress or purity should be met with the usual reasonable scepticism. No journalist wants to end up acting as a PR assistant to thugs and killers. The … More How made-for-media executions pile pressure on Obama

Important story about what Pakistani journalists are up against: QUETTA, Pakistan (AP) — The telephone call to local journalists generally comes in the late evening. The voice on the other end is harsh. He has a statement he wants printed, and he prefaces it with a terse order: “Report our messages without making any changes … More

Alastair Burnett

The Economist’s obituary of its former editor Alastair Burnett is lovely, thoroughly lovely, particularly as it discusses how he made the magazine more punchy and chatty…. A few considered it vulgar, and thought it reflected a lack of seriousness on the part of the editor. They were reinforced in this view by Alastair’s jocular banter, … More Alastair Burnett

I hope I got the tone of this right. Anyway, point is that I’ve been a big fan of the BBC World Service for a long time. But the nostalgia fest of the past few days as it moved from Bush House to a new home really grated. Do the millions of listeners around the … More