The orange road

The road back from Abbottabad yesterday afternoon, just outside Haripur, was flanked by little stalls selling oranges. Not just one or two stalls, but probably about 30 or so. This after all is orange season. The chap at this stall cut one into quarters for me to try. Which I did. Leaving me with juice … More The orange road

The Road to Benghazi

The road from Cairo is long and well, pretty dull. This is roughly the scenery for oooh 13 or so hours, except when it’s dark or you drive past a rather umimpressive stretch of drive-through fast food joints There is the occasional camel and World War Two Cemetery. But it was all a little uninspiring … More The Road to Benghazi

A cracking pork pie

When I returned home from my first stint in rebel-held east Libya, the wonderful team of butchers, bakers and magicians at Bray’s Cottage sent me this incredible pork pie. It was like no pie I’d ever tasted before. The pork tasted like proper pork – but with the richness and smoothness of pate. The pastry … More A cracking pork pie