Writing prompt

2017-08-03 (2)

By now we know the story of how the Calibri font let to the downfall of Nawaz Sharif as Pakistan’s PM. But I only just caught up with this New Yorker piece on its history. I particularly enjoyed the way its designer dismissed competitors with a studied disdain that makes you want to write a novel centred around the professionals who spend their life making the sort of tweaks to kerning that will be spotted by only their bitterest of rivals…

De Groot dismissed the critics who attack Calibri as boring, arguing that its “neutrality” belies its underlying precision: “If you’re eating soup, you shouldn’t remember the shape of the spoon.” He listed Calibri’s virtues: it doesn’t try to mimic what already exists (“Courier is an ugly old typewriter font”); it’s stripped of old-fashioned serif embellishments (“Compared to Calibri, Times New Roman looks outdated”); and it’s playful, with its rounded corners, but not frivolous (“Comic Sans doesn’t work”).


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