Trump family and friends


This is from the second part of my series looking at who’s who in Trump’s White House. His family and Trump Org employees sit at the very heart.

It’s not so much a case of diving the administration up into conservatives v liberals, globalists v isolationists. The only divide that matters, it seems to me, is between those who were there at the start and those that got on board when he had already wrapped up the nomination.

Of all the factions the, this one feels the most consequential.

If you subscribe, you can read the whole thing here… otherwise this is a taster:

When Donald Trump fired James Comey, the director of the FBI, he knew it needed a trusted hand.

So he turned to Keith Schiller, his director of Oval Office operations, to deliver the manila envelope to FBI headquarters in New York.

At six foot four with a buzzcut, he still looks like the transport cop who used to travel back and forth everyday on the number three subway line from Harlem to deepest Brooklyn, shuttling between what were then two of New York’s toughest neighbourhoods. He joined the Trump Organisation in 2004 as bodyguard, before expanding his role to be Mr Trump’s body man and sounding board.

Today that gives him a powerful position at the heart of the White House – an unofficial gatekeeper known as a trusted confidant and something of a Trump whisperer. Win him over, say insiders, and you have the ear of the President.

His rise is emblematic of the way Mr Trump has organised his White House. Among the competing factions, the biggest, most powerful bloc is made up of friends, family and employees from the Trump Organisation. People he knows and trusts.

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