The factions at the heart of the White House

2017-07-24 (2)

I have spent the past couple of weeks sorting through the power centres that make up this administration.

It is a complex shifting web of allegiances, animosities and alliances of convenience. Who’s in and who’s out, who’s up and who’s down shifts from day to day and week to week.

Anthony Scaramucci arrives and Sean Spicer bows out – a win for the New York City crew from Wall Street and a defeat for what is left of the Republican establishment.

Each move, each policy decision can be interpreted through this framework to understand who has Trump’s ear and where this administration is headed.

You can read more here, but it is behind The Telegraph’s pay wall. So here’s a taster:

Donald Trump came to power promising to shake up Washington and so revolutionise America. So far his biggest impact has been on something very different – the way the White House operates.

He has brought his distinctive management style, developed at the Trump Organisation, to the West Wing, where competing factions battle each other for influence and the chance to shape policy.

The result is a complex web of alliances and enmities, where key players build their own internal organisations, complete with chiefs of staff and spokesmen, all arranged in five factions:

  • An inner circle of family members and former Trump Organisation staffers

  • Anti-establishment radicals

  • Establishment figures from the traditional Republican Party core

  • The “Generals”

  • Wall Street

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