Trump’s spelling and brown M&Ms

You know the story of Van Halen and the brown M&Ms right? That their gig contracts in the 1980s included a clause saying the backstage area should be kept clear of brown M&Ms was not some kind of privileged rock n roll excess, but a more prosaic safety matter, inserted into the paperwork as a test to make sure the venue was following all the other requirements correctly… so that if the bowls of M&Ms were indeed free or brown ones they could be confident that their mammoth lighting rig was safe – and all the detailed instructions for its proper installation had been read and followed…

Normally I don’t care much about Donald Trump’s spelling mistakes. Sure his tweets are riddled with errors, and a certain kind of snooty critic likes to call him out on it, but at least it shows he is running his own Twitter account.

But the misspellings from the White House – getting Theresa May’s name wrong and the slew of typos including “attaker” and “Denmakr” in a terrorist list this week – put me in mind of those brown M&Ms. If the White House can’t even get basic spellings right, what else is being missed? It all adds to a sense of chaos, of executive orders that aren’t being properly read and a chain of command that isn’t functioning.

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