On typos and errrors of ignorance

Much hilarity at Donald Trump’s tweet this morning (since deleted and replaced)…

Followed by analysis and what it might mean in terms of a president-elect tweeting without any sort of oversight by comms team etc who might have been able to weed out a “typo”.

Except of course it is not a typographical error, a mistake resulting from the printing process and typesetting, or (in its more modern usage) the slip of a finger.

Trump made an error of ignorance. He doesn’t know how to spell “unprecedented”. A typo would have meant he typed it with a letter missing, or a pair of letters transposed or some variation on the correct spelling, perhaps the result of typing on a small screen or a momentary brain freeze. In fact he has guessed at some approximation of the spelling.

That is a spelling mistake not a typo.

Or is there a deeper meaning from a man who perhaps never expected to become president, who knows he won without winning the popular vote and who might very well already be worrying about impeachment.






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