The wit and wisdom of Harper Lee

I arrived back from Monroeville last night. Attending the launch of Harper Lee’s new/old novel in her home town was a lot of fun. (And a rare good news story – so long as your first born son wasn’t named Atticus.) I picked up the book at 2am on Tuesday morning and only really had a chance to start reading it on the plane home.

The reviews have been decidedly mixed. And I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve finished. But there have been plenty of barbed moments to savour and a huge amount of evidence that this first draft contains all the bite of Harper Lee’s first/second novel To kill A Mockingbird.

I particularly enjoyed her take on America’s newspapers (and there’s another dig later at The New York Post and its lack of a sense of humour…)


And then there’s her casual dismissal of what essentially was the plot of seven seasons of Mad Men…


2 thoughts on “The wit and wisdom of Harper Lee

  1. Rob, I enjoyed your article that you wrote in The Telegraph- Go Set a Watchman book launch- as it happened. Not only did I enjoy the article, but will cherish the picture that you made of me and my sister. I hope to follow you for awhile to see your take on the book once you have finished it. I also hope you enjoyed your stay in Monroeville, Al.

    1. Hi Julia, lovely to hear from one of the stars of the night. I had a great time. Just finished the book. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, it could have done with a bit of an edit but still a powerful insight into how life used to be in the South and what it’s like to return home after being away/

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