Keeping out the poor

The decision by Centaurus Mall in Islamabad to charge 100 rupees for entry has kicked off a not inconsiderable fuss, particularly given that many of the people exempt are those that can afford it.

Not difficult to see why the mall management has done it, as this post points out…

“This clearly says the poor are not welcome to even look at the shops,” said Munir Khaki, 21, a college student who was visiting the mall with his classmates. “Sometimes it is just nice to hang out with your friends in a place that looks like it’s from another part of the world. Now they’ve put a price on that even.”

And its particularly nice to hang out in the mall at this time of year if you don’t have air conditioning at home or in the office.

One of the unintended consequences of the new metro bus system – opening up the city to many more people from Rawalpindi –  and one that I suspect residents of sleepy Islamabad are going to have to get used to

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