Daily routines of creative people

I’m not a great believer in getting up early. I prefer to work late. But when I did need to get on with creative thinking (what I still insist on calling “my book”) and mesh it with a “day job” then the best time to make progress was first thing in the morning. And if it was to be decent progress, with clear thinking, then it was best achieved before the second cup of coffee. Exercise before lunch. Followed by more mundane activities thereafter.

So I’d say I’m something of a sluggish Kurt Vonnegut…

Want to develop a better work routine? Discover how some of the world’s greatest minds organized their days.
Click image to see the interactive version (via Podio).

Anyway, I do rather love this graphic. Although some work late night, broadly more creative work seems to be done in the morning, rather than the afternoon. But things might be different if you had included a Rolling Stone or two…

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